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Desktop CNC Engraver
  Working Area: 900*600mm
  Spindle Power: 1.5kw


    This desktop cnc router can be used for stone, Cu and AL processing, mold manufacturing, wood processing, mould, craft manufacturing, indoor decoration cutting, sign and mark manufacturing, acrylic board processing, as well as stamp cutting and PCB cutting, it aslo can engraving on the aliuminium so well.


1 Machine body Whole cast iron
2 Work Area 900*600mm
3 Body dimensions 1150*720mm
4 Z-axis working area 120mm
5 Max. Feeding height 150mm or bigger
6 Cut thickness of material <20mm
7 Max.Speed 4, 200mm/min
8 Working speed 0 - 3, 000mm/min
9 Mechanical precision 0.01mm
10 Software Type 3 software, Artcut software, Artcam software
11 Power supply AC 220/50Hz for your need
12 Driver type Stepper motor
13 Memory 512MB
14 Spindle 1.5KW variable speed, water cooled motor
15 Spindle speed 0 - 24, 000rpm
16 Blade diameter 1 - 6m
17 Control system Artcut or Wei hong  (NCSTUDIO) or DSP (USB interface)
18 Command G code, u00, mmg, plt
19 Interface RS232
20 English LCD yes
21 Running circumstance temperature 0 - 45 °c
22 Relative humidity 30% - 75%
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