Portable Plasma/Flame Cutting Machine
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Portable plasma/flame cutter
This equippment is a Flame&Plasma dual-use Machine, which can make both plasma and frame cutting. Max cutting thickness in carbon steel can reach 150mm by flame cutting. Equipped with autoignition and electromotion height-adjustment system., it is the most economical and lightest numerical cutter. It's the replacement product of "Shape cutting machine" and "cutting dolly", operational way is same as "cutting dolly", convenient and flexible.

1.Standard components include the control system, the arm, roller(track), flame cutting torch, program, owner's manual, cable, many kinds of language menu are available .
2.Arc volt  height controller: Initial positioning device: plasma cutting power source are for selective parts.
3.The arm and roller are for Aviation Aluminum material built in  cable  design ,more  convenient  to  use.
4.1 year warranty and whole life technical support.  Interchange the data with a USB flash memory.

5.Easy to operate and convenient to use, light ,portable, economical and efficient.


Models FS1020 FS1525 FS1530
Input power source 220V±10%  50Hz  220W
LCD 5.7 Inch touch LCD
Effective cutting range
1000×2000 1500×2500 1500×3000
Beam length (mm) 1530 1780 2030
Beam weight (kg) 6.46 7.25 8.27
Track length (mm) 2500 3000 3500
Track weight (kg) 16.1 18.5 19.9
Cutting speed (mm/min) 50-2000
Cutting thickness (Flame) (mm) 3-150mm
Cutting thickness (Plasma)(mm) 15mm(cut100)
Gas pressure (Mpa) 0.01-0.3
Oxygen pressure (Mpa) 0.2-0.7
Types of gas Propane,Acetylene
Host 450×330×260
(With beam)
2500×267×110 3000×267×110 3500×267×110
Packing measurement
Host 510×400×343
Track 2560×337×170 3060×337×170 3560×337×170
Host weight (kg) 22

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