Mini CNC Router
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Mini CNC Router
  Working Area: 600*400*90mm
  Spindle Power: 800w


    Can be used to engrave PCB circuit boards, advertising boards (Double-color plates, acrylic, PVC), the relief on the board, plaster, wood material model, etc., can drill various shapes of holes in 2mm aluminum alloy plate , Directly mill holes in 90mm thickness of plastic box, aluminum shell  and etc.

Technical Parameter:

1) Travel(X/Y/Z): 400x600x90mm
2) Work piece height: Less or equal 90mm
3) Table type: T slot aluminum alloy table
4) Machine Structure: Aluminum alloy
5) Motor: Stepper
6) Transmission: Special purpose made lead screw
7) Spindle power:  800w/1500w
8) Spindle speed: 3000-9500 RPM/min
9) Spindle Collets: ER11-A/3.175mm
10) Repeat positioning precision: <0.02mm
11) Max travel speed: 5000mm/min
12) Engraving speed: 300-3000mm/min
13) Step driver: Three axis independent driver
14) Driver power supply: 24V 6A
15) Engraving code: G-code/U00/mmg/plt
16) Compatible Software: MACH3/EMC2
17) Software environment: Windows 2000/XP
18) Voltage: AC220V/110V 50-60Hz
19) Machine weight: 52kgs
20) Machine dimension: 880*690*520mm

1. Advertising industry: Cutting/engraving/drilling/photo engraving on wood, MDF, bamboo, plastic, PVC, acrylic, two colors board, metals, stone etc.
2. Manufacturing industry: Engrave, cut, drill, photo engraving on copper, iron and aluminum, alloy, steel etc.
3. Furniture making: Wood door cutting, wood door artwork engraving, wave boards making, 3D photo engraving, small or large relief works, cylinder materials engraving, 3D photo engraving etc.
4. Artwork industry: Figure engraving, character engraving and cutting, name brand making, small gift cutting, souvenirs making, Carving various decoration letters, figures on small windows, fences, wall, etc.
5. Model making: To cut materials into different shapes for models making.
6. Stamps making industry: Carving on many different materials like rubber, acrylic, cattle horn, plastic, wood and ink storage materials and so on.

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