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Mini 3D cnc engraver


1. The whole steel structure of the bed is welded, the vibration is aging treatment, to ensure that the use of deformation.
2. Y-axis dual-motor drive, selection of matching, to ensure smooth movement.
3. High-Precision rack and pinion drive, high speed, high precision.
4. Electromechanical excellent deign, selection of famous brand electrical accessories, the failure rate to a minimum.
5. The use of high-power spindle motor, to ensure that the machine can be vigorously cut.
6. With breatpoints, power continued carving function.
7. Optional industrial computer, the knife, intelligent hand wheel device.

Field of application:
Suitable for high efficiency production of various wood relief, plasticmilling slot, panel openings, PCB board engraving, color plates, etc. Suitable for high efficiency production of various wood relief, bakelite, panel openings, PCB board engraving, two-color plate signs, Jade crafts, copper and aluminum milling slot, such as steel lettering processing.
For the crowd: factory small batch processing, personal studio work, the use of laboratory research and development.

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