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Acrylic Diamond Polishing Machine

Brief introduction

This Acrylic Diamond Polish Machine is suitable for small and medium enterprises ( SMEs )which configures variable frequency electronic spindle, great motor and stable and logical control circuit, greatly improving the reliability and security of the equipment. Besides, this Machine uses diamond cutters to cut the surface of Plexiglass(Acrylic) and the light guide plate precisely to a minor effect, which perfectly shows edges and shapes, transparency, neat, Straightness .no ash, low noise, low loss .A machine to save labor for 3-5 people. this machine is Suitable for high-grade acrylic products, crystal products precision polishing processing. Created high quality products and high efficiency, it’s best machine for acrylic manufacturer .


●The Machine configures specially hard and excellent steal, high temperature     annealing and stable structure to ensure no deformation.

●Button or touch screen operation makes it simple and convenient

●Arbitrary adjustment in processing speed, up to 2 meters per minute

●Cutter head uses humanized design, make it easy for you to put the knife and adjust  the knife

●Simple using, suitable for mass production

●Infinite loop processing, can meet the polishing - long operation with safety protection device.

●long operation with safety protection device.

●Adjustable polishing angle: 0 - 60°

Machine configuration:



Acrylic polishing machine

1. Dongguan Taiwanese-owned (Tianyi variable frequency spindle motor), strong, stable performance, better polishing effect.

2. Use Taiwan TBI brand high-precision screw drive, and high-precision Taiwan PMl linear guide.

3. The working platform is configured with natural marble, and the technical performance is more stable, ensuring that it will not be deformed in permanent use.

4. Using Taiwan Yonghong PLC and Taiwan Yonghong touch screen operation control system, stable logic control circuit, simple and easy to use.

5. The assembly of KD inverter, Dongling servo drive and Dongling servo motor makes the machine more stable.



Gross Power


Main Speed


Cutting Speed

0- 1000mm/Min

Cutting Angle

0 °- 60°

Cutting Depth

0 – 1.5mm

Max height(thick)


Cutting Way

Automatic feeding

Processing Size


Compressed air

≥ 0.45Mpa

Dust collection port size


Operation Panel

FATEK PLC touch screen operation control

Frequency converter

Branch Motion Inverter


Dongling Servo Motor

Drive rails

Taiwan TBI lead screw drive, PMI linear guide


(Acrylic, organic glass, light guide plate PS MS) and other materials polishing



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