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Equipped with double higher laser power tubes(100-150W for each one), double tables(both knife sheet and steel honeycomb table), double exhaust fans, double air pumps and etc. It has more advanced controlling system which can let you operate working file via the colorful LCD display, realize real offline working, make your work more convenient and visual.
Euqipped with Auto focus system and high-power laser tube(150W-500W) , it can cut metals such as stainless steel,carbon steel, also can cut non-metal such as acrylic,wood/MDF,leather, foam, plastic and etc. It is equipped with advanced laser controlling system with auto focus, if the metal sheet is not flat, the system can sense the distance from the nozzle to the material surface and follow the surface up and down to automatically adjust the certain focus distance to keep the highest precision cutting quality.
Stone CNC Router is at the service of customers who need to do engraving on stone. Overall structure is the most solide or large bearing capacity,With tool cooling system and water-and-dust proof on three axes. it is suitable for many kinds of stone carving.
With 1500*2000mm working area, can meet the demands of large area cutting in some fields.It has two upper covers which can guarantee the operator¡¯s safety.
1300*2500mm/1500*3000mm working area, Stronger machine body, Red dot pointer,Dust-proof rails, High-Quality laser tube...
With working area of 1300*2500mm, this can meet demands of work on large scale garments and cloth, leather, wood, acrylic and paper industry. It is equipped with 3-phrased motors and drivers, high laser power, special cutting nozzle and oxygen assistance device, which can cut metal well such as stainless steel, carbon steel.
Auto-feeding system/ rotating work table enable the machine cut soft materials in rolls automatically, such as fabric, PU, leather and paper.
RF-3212R is an economical fiber laser tube cutting machine developed by Shandong Ruby cnc laser for the actual needs of the tube processing industry. It is equipped with a strategic cooperative laser and is suitable for round tubes with diameters of ¦Õ16mm¡ª¦Õ115mm.
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