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This machine is applicable for small crafts and stamp processing. It is an economical equipment, especially for minor enterprise.
Mini Desktop model, 500*300mm working area, up&down table, 40w/60w laser tube.
Desktop model, 24*16 Inch table size, 40w/50w/60w laser tube,honeycomb table+motorized Z axis lifting table.
50*30cm working area, 40w-60w laser tube, upper part and under part is separated, so you can put the upper part on your desktp to save space, the it will become to be a desktop model.
300*200mm(or 300*400mm, 400*600mm) working area, 800w spindle(300w, 1.5kw, 2.2kw optional ), can work with various wood, bakelite, panel openings, PCB board engraving, double-color plate signs, Jade crafts, copper and aluminum milling slot, such as steel lettering processing.
300*400mm working area, Desktop Mini Type
400*600mm working area, Desktop mini type
This desktop cnc router can be used for stone, Cu and AL processing, mold manufacturing, wood processing, mould, craft manufacturing, indoor decoration cutting, sign and mark manufacturing, acrylic board processing, as well as stamp cutting and PCB cutting, it aslo can engraving on the aliuminium so well.
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