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Acrylic Bending Machine


  The high-efficiency acrylic automatic bending machine(computer type) is based on a precise mechanical structure, which automatically sets the heating time and heating temperature. The required angle can be directly bent and formed automatically. The automatic and manual two-state are optional, and the computer touch screen operation control is adopted to simplify the operation and use procedure, which is convenient, efficient, and ensures the molding precision of the processed product. It is one of the first choice equipment for modern high-end acrylic products and logo crafts manufacturers.
Applied materials: PVC, PE, PP, PET, HIPS and other plastic materials
Bending thickness: ≤16mm
Heating Way: Constant temperature heating method
Heating gap: 0-30mm adjustable
Double pipe spacing: adjustable from 130-500mm
Bending height: within 450mm
Bending angle: 30-175°


For all kinds of acrylic advertising signs, lighting, craft products and other bends

Operating system: 

computer touch screen control system.


The computer touch screen operation controller is configured, the required angle is directly input in digital form , the heating temperature and the heating time can be calculated by themselves, the bending parameters are set in the batch production, the automatic bending forming is performed in the daytime, the mass production is performed, and the bending angle precision is more accurate. Manual and automatic both available for choice, it can bend two angles at the same time, and one table control can be turned on/off. Machine structure configuration: The cooling system is made of industrial 304# stainless steel thick material, the work surface is pure aluminum plate, and the heat dissipation is faster. 

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