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Advertising CNC Router
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This desktop cnc router can be used for stone, Cu and AL processing, mold manufacturing, wood processing, mould, craft manufacturing, indoor decoration cutting, sign and mark manufacturing, acrylic board processing, as well as stamp cutting and PCB cutting, it aslo can engraving on the aliuminium so well.
Imported linear guide and German high precision ballsrew Broken-point memory ensures the continuity of work when incident happens; Save of many processed points; Gantry movement ensures the undeformation after a long-time work, as well as a higher accuracy.
Two-way directional guides, high positioning accuracy, advanced DSP controller with operation handle.
1200*1800mm working area, 2 controller for option, imported ball-screw drive....
Advertising series is designed for engraving and cutting most advertising materials with various application and reasonable price.high precision engraving meets the diverse needs in advertising industry.
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