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Laser Engraving Machine
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This machine is applicable for small crafts and stamp processing. It is an economical equipment, especially for minor enterprise.
Mini Desktop model, 500*300mm working area, up&down table, 40w/60w laser tube.
Desktop model, 24*16 Inch table size, 40w/50w/60w laser tube,honeycomb table+motorized Z axis lifting table.
90*60cm working area, red dot pointer, honeycomb working table, high-quality laser tube.
1300*900mm working area, it has high precision and fast speed, it is the ideal choice for many processing industries.
The upper part and the under part of the machine are separated. The upper part can directly be put on large and thick marbles/stones/granites, etc. The machine is with double up-down worktables. The upper part and the under part can move up and down automatically, which are very convenient for thick material.
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