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Tube Laser Cutting Machine
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RF-3212R is an economical fiber laser tube cutting machine developed by Shandong Ruby cnc laser for the actual needs of the tube processing industry. It is equipped with a strategic cooperative laser and is suitable for round tubes with diameters of ¦Õ16mm¡ª¦Õ115mm.
RF6016TN is an economical and practical laser pipe cutting machine developed in combination with market demand for end-users of bulk pipe processing. This model is equipped with automatic loading device, which can realize automatic feeding and continuous cutting, it is extremely cost-effective. It can cut 6.5 meters and the tailing is 90mm, which is extremely adaptable. It is an ideal choice for the majority of pipe processing enterprise
RF6020 universal automatic tube laser cutting machine has received high attention and praise of customers with its excellent loading automation and super high cost-performance. It matched with the universal automatic loading system to realize the whole bundle tubes loading, saving processing time and reducing labor cost. This tube laser cutting machine can easily cope with various pipe processing problems, can complete the cutting of round pipe, square pipe, rectangular pipe, angle steel, channel steel, H section steel and other profiles.
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